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5 Must See Movie Scenes for Sales People (Including Video)

The following five movie clips are not simply scenes that I like -they have been watched over and over again, forming part of my own private collection of motivational tools. Each one has a different place in my heart, but they are all absolute gold. Some of the content will not be suitable for kids, so viewer discretion is advised! 1. Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) – Alec Baldwin Hosts a Sales Meeting: The sales meeting is the space in which you either discuss the deals you are working onRead more...
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No Idea ... No Problem!

One of the biggest reasons I hear for people not becoming an entrepreneur is that they simply don't have an idea. Well, I am here to tell you that this is not a problem at all. In fact, this is probably a good thing. Here is why... Firstly, if you have a totally new idea, then part of your challenge will be getting people to see why it is a good idea. This is a lot harder than you think and requires lots of time and money. In most cases, entrepreneurs don't have spare money, let alone time. So Read more...
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The Rocket Ship Drawing Rant

Here is something that is going to sound maybe a tad negative, but I promise there is also some positive takeaways, so be patient! My hope is that this slight rant may help some people who are in the process of trying to attract early stage investors prevent an embarrassing situation. Here it goes... A friend contacted me a couple of weeks ago and said that he had developed a new app, and was looking for some advice. When we met, he made it clear that he was looking for investment and wanted mRead more...
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Bad Exam Results? Startup Entrepreneurs Rise Up!

Today is A-level results day. I am sure there are plenty of people either celebrating or commiserating. If you did well, then great. If not then hopefully I can help put some perspective on the matter.   One thing I remember about when I was at school (94-99) was being told that without qualifications I stood 'no chance' in life. My parents were told the same thing, and young adults are still being told this today. Apart from the obvious reason teachers say this (they are targeted on resultRead more...
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Managing a Team Through an Acquisition

I wanted to write this week about a topic that is pretty much always in the forefront of my mind, and that is my team. While this is going to sound like a total cliché, it is true that you are only as good as your team. If one member is underperforming, then you are underperforming. This is especially true when you are selling your business! When beginning the process of selling your company, one thing that should not be missed is aligning your team to the desire of the exiting. It goes withoutRead more...
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My most productive places!

I decided to write this blog while on a flight. I always seem to get things done when I don't have distractions from things like messenger and email. It got me thinking about where my favourite places to work are. So here they are: Langham Hotel - This is where I was when I sold 'E-Tale'. It's nice to sit and work while remembering that life changing day. It gives me that entrepreneurial feeling about anything being possible. Emirates flight - I enjoy working on a flight, and I also tend toRead more...
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Is startup culture a corruption?

I read a news article recently titled ‘Start-up culture is corrupting our youth, and killing real entrepreneurship’ by The Guardian. You can read it here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/11765609/Start-up-culture-is-corrupting-our-youth-and-killing-real-entrepreneurship.html Coming from the startup world myself, I can agree that there is an element of delusions from some people in the startup community. However, the concept of it corrupting the youth is a bit mad. One of two things will Read more...
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Great dinner with some interesting people!

Last night I attended a dinner with a number of other successful entrepreneurs in the digital space, as well as a few people from the offline world looking to learn more about digital. I attended the event knowing that I would be able to talk freely to like-minded people, that share the same interests as myself. I would firstly like to say a massive thank you to Duncan Gledhill for reaching out to me on Twitter and inviting me along. I met Duncan and few other people when I arrived at Browns iRead more...
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My Top 5.5 Influencers

1. Tony Robbins: Tony is my top influencer. For those who need some background information on him, he is a motivational speaker, life coach, self-help author and personal finance instructor. He’s most well-known for his self-help books: ‘Unlimited power’, ‘Unleash the power within’ and ‘Awaken the giant within’. Tony’s success skyrocketed in 2007; he has been listed in the ‘Celebrity 100’ list in Forbes magazine. Forbes estimated he had earnt $30 million USD in that year alone, his talk on TED iRead more...
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Will Virtual Reality Take Over Actual Reality?

I was reading recently about the expansion of virtual reality. Facebook announced last week it was introducing ‘virtual assistants’ into the social media world, gaming industries are producing more virtual reality games, and there was even a game where you could feel the pain your character feels. I am not sure I’m completely onboard with that idea! What is with our fascination with virtual reality, and how can this be used to help people buy online? For many years, product videos have been coRead more...
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Tube strike? No problem! Here’s my top 5 apps that will help you get through it!

So last week, London came to an absolute standstill because all of the underground tubes went on strike, leaving hundreds of commuters stranded. On top of that there were then faults on the overground lines, which led to severe delays, some trains not running at all. And then there were the buses, despite 200 extra being put on the roads to deal with the strikes, some people found themselves exclaiming ‘what buses?’ Bosses listen up; you just need technology to ensure the work gets done! ThereRead more...
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Where was tech in the budget?

The conversation nearly everyone is having at the moment, whether you love it or hate it, you all have an opinion on what George Osborne announced during the Budget 2015. And my opinion is ‘why was technology not mentioned at all?!’ Come on George, after the success of London Technology Week only last month, surely that must have made you think a little bit about including tech in the budget? The tech boom is improving our economy at an unprecedented rate, that should certainly mean that invesRead more...
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Why does Apple feel the need to take over EVERYTHING?

Firstly, I love Apple. I use an iPhone, I love my MacBook Air - However, Apple Music is one step too far for me. The reason I think this? The music streaming service I love is Spotify and Apple is basically taking their idea, re-branding it and passing it off as something new and original. Spotify is one of the greatest music services on our market today, but it is also one of the greatest startups ever. Spotify has been around for years and not only offers a subscription service but by partneriRead more...
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Will Cloud Technology Really Save Me Time and Money?

For businesses and individuals needing immediate file sharing and storing spaces, the Cloud becomes ideal, however people find themselves paying extortionate prices to file sharing companies to provide this service for them. But are you aware of other Cloud services? For example, ‘Dropbox’ could replace a file server quite easily and will have access to a number of employees and can store a large amount of files, in forms of photos, videos and smaller text files. This Cloud service can also be Read more...
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BYOD to work!

Apologies first if you read that as BYOB (bring your own booze) to work, we haven’t quite reached those liberal standards in the technology world… BYOD stands for: Bring Your Own Device. This allows greater freedom to employees to choose their own gadget for their workplace. Research shows that it helps them to be more productive and also saves cost of employers. Now unfortunately, I don’t think this quite extends to a robot doing your work for you or a really cool strobe light, I think practicaRead more...
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How safe is Software-as-a-service? My thoughts...

It seems that every five minutes I hear the words SaaS (Software as a Service), almost like its some kind of new phenomenon to sweep the business world. I think what has made it become more of a buzz word, is that many of the bigger software players like Microsoft and Adobe now offer many of their products on a subscription model. Hosting software in the cloud and making it accessible to clients via web browsers is a great service. Whilst this sounds incredible and very handy for business, nobodRead more...
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5.5 Tips for Startup Success!

#1. Pay a fair price: Some people say watch the pennies and the pounds look after themselves. Whilst I agree that monitoring business expenses is important, I don’t believe that pushing suppliers into the ground is in your best interest. Not only could you use this negotiation time to meet new clients and make more money, you should also want your suppliers to be successful. #2. Define success: Everybody talks about success like they know what 'success' is. I am always looking to align myself wRead more...
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David Jones - The name you need to know!

David Jones is ex-chief of Havas, one of the world’s largest global communication specialists. David Jones is the name you need to know because he’s just raised, wait for it … $350 million for a new ‘brandtech’ group. David is already pretty well known for his work, resigning from Havas in January wasn’t the only work he was famous for, he was also once the advertising adviser to current UK Prime Minister David Cameron in the 2010 Tory campaign and has now launched his own company ‘You & MrRead more...
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Boris backs start-ups!

I tweeted earlier this week (link below) about a fantastic initiative backed by Boris Johnson on supporting startups that will produce technologies, which will help with regenerating London. https://twitter.com/bradindigital/status/607864729319690240 The competition encourages entrepreneurs and small businesses to pitch to organisations involved in the regeneration project, their idea must be original and creative enough, to be able to successfully cope with London’s ever growing demands, suchRead more...
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Hopefully you have already read my bio to get to know a bit about me, but I wanted to give an insight into what I want to achieve from this blog... I want to be able to give my own perspective on the current technology market and trends, based on my own knowledge from being an entrepreneur myself after working for a technology company for a number of years. I have lots of thoughts I want to share and I am equally keen to hear others thoughts too! Something that's interested me for quite a whilRead more...