BYOD to work!

Apologies first if you read that as BYOB (bring your own booze) to work, we haven’t quite reached those liberal standards in the technology world…

BYOD stands for: Bring Your Own Device. This allows greater freedom to employees to choose their own gadget for their workplace. Research shows that it helps them to be more productive and also saves cost of employers.

Now unfortunately, I don’t think this quite extends to a robot doing your work for you or a really cool strobe light, I think practical gadgets is what they are thinking of here. Employees can pick their own laptops/computer as there is the big debate over Microsoft VS. Apple or maybe they work better on a tablet and they may decide to bring that in instead!

I think this topic will divide people, employers especially, whilst it does save costs all work will have to be stored in online spaces such as the Cloud, which means definitely upping the security measures just incase anybody decides to hack the database or share confidential information.

Also, how will you monitor what your employees are doing whilst at work? They could be surfing Facebook, Twitter or even swiping away on Tinder for hours on end, as there is no monitoring service in place.

I think some employees also like to keep their personal devices separate to their work devices and wouldn’t like to mix the two, keeping work separate from home life.

Whilst I like the idea, I’m not sure how practical this would be? Has anybody had their boss suggest this to them and has it worked?

Would love to hear others thoughts about this, so please feel free to leave a comment…


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