Why does Apple feel the need to take over EVERYTHING?

Firstly, I love Apple. I use an iPhone, I love my MacBook Air – However, Apple Music is one step too far for me.

The reason I think this? The music streaming service I love is Spotify and Apple is basically taking their idea, re-branding it and passing it off as something new and original.

Spotify is one of the greatest music services on our market today, but it is also one of the greatest startups ever. Spotify has been around for years and not only offers a subscription service but by partnering with Facebook also offered a free version with adverts included instead.

Spotify for its day and age was a completely original idea and it was a game changer. It has many positives going for it, personalised playlists and the ability to connect with friends and artists who use various platforms whether that be Apple, Microsoft or Android.

Apple have introduced ‘Apple Music’ this year, trying to lure Spotify’s users over to their service with the promise of a three month free trial, then subscribing for £9.99 a month thereafter, which is the same price as Spotify might I add!

Apple Music has certainly had it’s fair share of PR during its launch thanks to Taylor Swift banning her music unless she gained royalties, she also pulled the same stunt with Spotify but they didn’t react to her demands.

I still haven’t seen for myself why Apple Music is so great or how it is any different to Spotify? After all if you’re one of the guys planning to make the switch, you’re giving up all your old playlists, artist and friend connections you may have made and you’re still paying the same price? It just doesn’t make sense!

The basics of Apple Music are also the same as Spotify, they’ve taken the same features and rearranged them. However, Apple Music will be a new learning experience, just like using any new service, they’ve managed to distance themselves just enough from Spotify to show they haven’t completely copied them.

I just don’t understand the sudden hype over a service which has already been around for a number of years under a different name. The only reason I can come up with is because Apple’s name is on it. If Microsoft or Android had introduced this service would it be receiving the same attention? Probably not.

I’d stick with Spotify, it’s never let us down so far and being one of the most successful startups ever, I know it’s a safe, reliable service.



  1. Another way to look at this would be that is has been Apple and Itunes that have paved the way for services such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal etc and without the advent of portable smart technology and music cloud stores innovated by Apple its quite possible that none of the services would have got off the ground. I personally see Apple as the natural partner in music streaming, they have included many under used services via Itunes for quite some time – under used mainly because the market wasn’t ready for them. Operating in the audio visual market as i do its quite evident to conclude that the vast majority of people who are essentially users of a service (and not necessarily tech savvy early adopters) tend to err towards Apple – this is because its easy and integrated and i would suggest that this will be one of the deciding factor in whether Apple Music buries Spotify or not.

    In the custom install market the take up of Spotify was at best sluggish until possibly the greatest start up of recent years Sonos included direct access via their platform – it then became a “no brainer” as part of an integrated home system. Apple Music is set to become available on Sonos “within 3 months” at this point i would suggest you will see many existing Spotify users dipping their toes into the Apple service.

    Quite possibly the key factor on which service will reign supreme will be one of content – or more concisely how relevant the particular services content is to the particular user – Spotify appears to offer a more mainstream selection at present (however i am not a subscriber at present I hasten to add), Tidal’s main drive is deliver true HIFI quality content to those of us lucky to own and use quality DAC’s, perhaps with Apples immense scale and power they will be able to provide all this and more in the forthcoming years?


    1. Hi Stuart, thanks for your comment, I aim to write posts which can be real talking points and your views are so valid and appreciated! You’ve definitely made me think about this subject on a wider scale now, but I completely agree you’ll find the other service users dipping their toes into Apple Music! I’ll try and do an updated post in the future regarding the topic once we see if Apple Music is successful or not and whether it tries to duplicate Spotify’s software to gain success in any way!

      Please do check back for more of my posts in the future, would love to hear your thoughts on those posts too!


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