My most productive places!

I decided to write this blog while on a flight. I always seem to get things done when I don’t have distractions from things like messenger and email. It got me thinking about where my favourite places to work are. So here they are:

  1. Langham Hotel – This is where I was when I sold ‘E-Tale’. It’s nice to sit and work while remembering that life changing day. It gives me that entrepreneurial feeling about anything being possible.
  1. Emirates flight – I enjoy working on a flight, and I also tend to use a notepad as this seems to get the ideas flowing. The only downside is that sometimes when you land, you go to Google and realise that your new idea is well…. Old.
  1. Altapura Hotel – Val Thorens France – Snowboarding is a big passion for me. A lot of people like Apres Ski drinking, but I am always too tired.  So sitting by the fire thinking about the next feature, product or business is where I am most happy.
  1. Jetty Lounge – Dubai: Living in Dubai has some benefits. One of them being the sunshine and amazing hotels. My favourite place in Dubai to work is a beach bar called the jetty lounge. It overlooks the bay by the Palm Jumeriah. Something is very relaxing about watching people wakeboard while you respond to emails.
  1. Our Cambridgeshire home: While I love living in Dubai, my home in the UK is a very special place to my family. It’s the house where both of my children were born and remains our true happy place. It’s very rural, and the open space just seems to make everything seem okay.

I think it’s really important to know where in the world you feel the most productive. Do some places make ideas flow? Do other places help you get your head down? I would love to hear from you in the comment section below about your most productive places.

Jetty Lounge in Dubai!

Jetty Lounge in Dubai!


Hopefully you have already read my bio to get to know a bit about me, but I wanted to give an insight into what I want to achieve from this blog…

I want to be able to give my own perspective on the current technology market and trends, based on my own knowledge from being an entrepreneur myself after working for a technology company for a number of years. I have lots of thoughts I want to share and I am equally keen to hear others thoughts too!

Something that’s interested me for quite a while now is how growing technology could be used by large, major brands, how these trends will impact their businesses but also how these trends could be capitalised on and monetised.

This blog will hopefully be a space where I can share examples of how technology is moving forwards and being used, I also have a passion for technology and start-up businesses, I will be attending a number of events over the next year and will be sure to blog about them.

I would love to hear any feedback about my blog and I hope you enjoy the material I post, I’m aiming to update once a week  at least, so please check back!