My Top 5.5 Influencers

1. Tony Robbins:

Tony is my top influencer. For those who need some background information on him, he is a motivational speaker, life coach, self-help author and personal finance instructor. He’s most well-known for his self-help books: ‘Unlimited power’, ‘Unleash the power within’ and ‘Awaken the giant within’. Tony’s success skyrocketed in 2007; he has been listed in the ‘Celebrity 100’ list in Forbes magazine. Forbes estimated he had earnt $30 million USD in that year alone, his talk on TED is one of the most popular ever. One of the reasons Tony is my top influencer is because of his work ethic and background. Tony never attended college and didn’t have a stable home life. Despite all of this Tony took on menial jobs, before eventually realising he had a talent for promoting others, before beginning his journey as a self-help coach. Tony is also a great philanthropist, donating numerous amounts of money to charity over the last few years, which makes him an admirable inspiration.

2. Felix Dennis:

Felix, unfortunately, died in 2014, I wish I could have met him and learnt more from him. I first was influenced by him when I read his book ‘How to get rich’, his writing style alone is in incredible, but the advice he gives is invaluable. Felix was most well known for his writing – a respected philanthropist, poet and publisher, owning publishing offices in New York and London. The reason I respect Felix the most is because of the honest insights he always gave on his life and his work in his books, including revealing his struggle with drug addiction. He was also the first person to say the C word on British television! Felix amassed most of his wealth from selling his mail order company which went public on NASDAQ in 1992.

3 & 4. Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale:

Bill and Bryan host a podcast together called the ‘Advanced selling podcast’. What I like about them is they give their time to others by listening and giving advice, but this has also led to business opportunities for them and they have managed to monetize on their podcast. Bills background involves a period in sales, before moving onto broadcasting, he often speaks about the importance of education – you can see this on his LinkedIn.

Bryan also has a background in sales, he now works in training and coaching sales people. He has a passion for keynote speaking and public speaking, which is why he probably joined up with Bill for the podcast.

5. Richard Branson:

Probably a very generic answer, but he is a very inspirational man and now one of the richest men on the planet. Richard is best known for being a British businessman and investor, and the founder of the ‘Virgin’ group. According to Forbes, Richard is now worth $4.9 billion, not bad for a guy who started out at 16 on a magazine venture called ‘Student’! His record business began with a mail-order company in 1970, expanding to stores in 1972, with the most growth seen in the 80’s period. He went on to expand the business in various areas such as aviation, mobile and the internet. The rest is history! Richard is also a philanthropist and a fun-loving world record breaker! The reason I respect Richard is because he worked hard for his success, he didn’t have great academic results and struggled as he had dyslexia. I think his biggest spur on came from his headmaster when he told him he would either ‘end up in prison or become a millionaire’.

5.5: Bradley Keenan:

Lastly myself, Bradley Keenan. You won’t achieve your dreams unless you inspire yourself, you are your biggest influence. Of course, all the previous people I have listed are massive inspirations and mentors to a lot of people, but sometimes you know what is best for you. You can only give yourself the best advice.

Would love to hear who inspires or influences you the most, please leave a comment!

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