Where was tech in the budget?

The conversation nearly everyone is having at the moment, whether you love it or hate it, you all have an opinion on what George Osborne announced during the Budget 2015.

And my opinion is ‘why was technology not mentioned at all?!’ Come on George, after the success of London Technology Week only last month, surely that must have made you think a little bit about including tech in the budget?

The tech boom is improving our economy at an unprecedented rate, that should certainly mean that investment for tech is of course is in the budget right? Wrong.

Tech City UK provided these statistics: ‘The UK’s digital economy grew at 10.9% in 2011, higher than the average of 8.1% across the G20 countries. This is predicted to expand at a rate of 11% a year until 2016 creating an internet economy worth £221bn’.

So George why wasn’t tech in the budget? You spoke a lot about apprenticeships, people in work and improving our economy in a number of ways, but have you realised the roles tech play in all of those? Tech is known for improving the UK’s productivity rates and tech is used in most jobs now, as it is one of the growing sectors most certainly the apprenticeships will be in tech.

Tech City UK say: ‘Employment in the technology sector is expected to grow nearly five times faster than the UK average, and over half a million new entrants are required to fill IT professional job roles in the UK over the next five years’ – hear that George? The perfect place to create the apprenticeships and half of those one million promised jobs!

The importance of tech is so high, yet it is hardly mentioned in the budget and when it gets ignored in the budget it will be ignored in other areas as nobody is talking about it. Why aren’t there lessons in schools about technology, inventing new products and starting up a business? 80% of young people in Britain say they’d ideally like to start their own business in the next 5 years.

That brings me onto the Tory manifesto where they have even stated their goal was to roll out ‘super fast broadband by 2017 to 95% of the population’. Where is the funding for this if no funding has been plunged into technology? An ignored policy this now may be.

I have an idea George, instead of cutting so much why don’t you start embracing? Tech especially, it is the future after all.