David Jones – The name you need to know!

David Jones is ex-chief of Havas, one of the world’s largest global communication specialists. David Jones is the name you need to know because he’s just raised, wait for it … $350 million for a new ‘brandtech’ group.

David is already pretty well known for his work, resigning from Havas in January wasn’t the only work he was famous for, he was also once the advertising adviser to current UK Prime Minister David Cameron in the 2010 Tory campaign and has now launched his own company ‘You & Mr Jones’.

You & Mr Jones aims to “bridge the gap between brands and technology”, which I must admit is a very current issue within the industry, so David might be onto something here…

David has moved pretty quickly, his company ‘You & Mr Jones’ has already invested in ‘Mashable’ and visual marketing firm ‘Pixlee’, before acquiring ‘Mofilm’, the crowd-sourcing company. Jeffrey Merrihue, founder of ‘Mofilm’ has also become a partner at ‘You & Mr Jones’ – David is getting the right guys onboard!

Oh but David doesn’t want to stop there! The company wants to acquire businesses in a range of sectors including: User and machine-generated content, social media marketing, programmatic ad buying and multichannel networks.

David refers to ‘You & Mr Jones’ as a ‘brandtech’ group, which will have a presence in 10 countries worldwide and have a HQ base in New York. The company received funding from 6 unnamed investors.

Even ‘Unilever’ is excited about David’s new company stating: “We are extremely excited about You & Mr Jones, a group we feel has the talent, ambition and technical knowhow to help fill this gap” (Keith Weed, chief marketing officer at Unilever).

David said: ‘There’s been a revolution in the world, but not yet in how we build brands… Technology now enables every part of the brand-building process to be done better, faster and cheaper – from creating content, to producing it, to sharing it, to targeting and measuring … And it’s also created a global creative department of more than 1 billion people, all of whom can now create, produce and share. We’re building a new technology group that aims to leverage all of this for brands.’

Well I most certainly wish you the best of luck David, I’ll be keeping an eye on your ‘brandtech’ group!