Will Cloud Technology Really Save Me Time and Money?

For businesses and individuals needing immediate file sharing and storing spaces, the Cloud becomes ideal, however people find themselves paying extortionate prices to file sharing companies to provide this service for them.

But are you aware of other Cloud services? For example, ‘Dropbox’ could replace a file server quite easily and will have access to a number of employees and can store a large amount of files, in forms of photos, videos and smaller text files. This Cloud service can also be accessed anywhere at anytime on any device, with no restrictions being placed on the service, this saves both time and money.

However, when considering the Cloud service you use you need to consider the ideals of your environment, for example if you work in a graphics agency with large files, ‘Dropbox’ is not the service for you as it won’t be able to provide what you need.

The ideal services graphics agencies may want to use will be Cloud services such as: ‘Morpholio’ which provides a space for you to put your work to present to clients, it is also free. Another Cloud service to consider is: ‘Slideshare’ whilst the majority of the service is free, some features are subscription only, but it’s a great space for putting Powerpoint’s onto that showcase work.

I think it’s really about looking around first, draw up a list of all the available Cloud services, a few off the top of my head that are free are: ‘Dropbox’, ‘Office365’ and ‘box.com‘. To share documents a shared ‘Google Documents’ space is always a great idea too. Then rate them from good to bad and see what they can offer your business and how it will benefit you and your employees.

Whilst on the subject of the Cloud, I think an important subject everyone always misses is how productive the service can be for you, try to find an app that will sync with the Cloud service you use. This will save a lot of time as all the information is in one place. These apps allow you to assign tasks, assignments and highlight special dates on your calendar to remember – for example the big bosses birthday! I have found Google Calendar is a fantastic (and free) service which allows multiple employees to view and edit one calendar, whilst still seeing their tasks for the day.

When you’re thinking about using a Cloud service, don’t just consider one service, consider multiple services. Seeing as all these services are free anyway, you may as well take advantage of them all, just remember to keep your employees informed so they know where to go to access all the information!

If you saw my blog post last week, you’ll see I spoke about Cloud security, this is still an issue you need to consider when thinking of using a Cloud service. The main things to consider is that you have a security package for all devices used. This a simple security precaution that I would recommend to everyone, run a security system check every now and again and make sure everything is password protected. I would also suggest changing this password regularly too, if an employee leaves they will still have access to the Cloud if you do not change it!

So the Cloud can definitely save you money, sometimes time is debatable but I think with any file sharing software you will need to consider monitoring and updating it anyway.  Time will always be a factor, however the Cloud is very convenient to have everything in one place and easily accessible from anywhere at anytime, by any granted access person, on any device!

Would like to hear your thoughts on if you’ve used a Cloud service or file sharing software and if they’ve benefited you in any way, leave a comment!